Windows also runs fast on Apple M1 chip

Apple M1 Mac computers do not officially support Windows, but a developer has managed to run Microsoft on an ARM-based MacBook anyway.

Apple's M1 Macs seize the day

We've already seen the performance of the first M1-based Macs from tests. The 8-core chips in them and 8GB/16GB of memory provide impressive processor and graphics performance benchmarks, and the company is expected to unveil high-end Macs based on its architecture in 2021 and beyond.

For some enterprise users, however, the fact is that new Macs don't support Boot Camp, or these Macs don't have a Windows virtual machine. However, the ball seems to be firmly on Microsoft's side, as there seems to be no real reason why Apple's latest Mac can't run the operating system.

Developer Alexander Graf has now demonstrated this with Windows 10 for ARM on Apple's Silicon MacBook Pro, which is not fully stable but delivers high performance. Graf ran Windows ARM64 Insider Preview through the Hypervisor framework.

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