What to expect in 2020

Unfortunately, by the end of 2019, I didn't have much time left on the site, so as you can see, the articles and news were running out unfortunately. It was a good thing that I changed jobs and got a lot of new assignments that I had to learn. However, this period is over and I will finally have time to continue working here.

Before we get to what's to come, let me sum up 2019 a little bit. This year we reached 800 Like and follow number on Facebook. In addition, this year was born most content on the website. In terms of visitor numbers, we haven't achieved what I've planned, but it's possible that I didn't have time to deal with it at the end of the year.

Our site has moved to a new location, new infrastructure, our Wiki project is launched in 2019, which is currently a place for the ZFS Fan Club's knowledge base.

Well, 2020, then. I know you're on your way, but today we're going to be able to think about where I want to go, we want us to get there.

The first is the return of IT news, if not with a daily system at first, but slowly the goal is to reach the old level, but to a renewed standard. Second, the memes are going to be a little bit back and they're going to be taking to Instagram. This means that new ones will not be added to the site, only the former will remain. Along with several descriptions, "how to" will be displayed and I will start to expand the Wiki as well.

What I'm planning is to build a bigger community, so we're going to start developing the forum on the site. We'd like to serve your needs more directly. I'd also like to expand the team, but I'll come back to more about that in the spring.

I hope you will join us in 2020! And thank you for following me in 2019.

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